Migrate All Your Content to Gutenberg With a Few Clicks

Requires PHP 7.2 and WordPress 5.6

Why this plugin?

Gutenberg can only convert one post at a time to blocks. There’s no way to transform all of your posts in one go.

There is a Bulk Block Converter plugin that allows to bulk convert posts. However:

  1. The conversion cannot be run in the background, requiring you to keep the browser window open.
  2. During the conversion, content can be lost.
  3. Only default shortcodes are converted.

The Bulk Convert to Blocks plugin solves all of these issues:

  • Conversions happen in the background, so that you can focus on your work.
  • The conversion process is resource efficient, and does not impact your website’s performance.
  • If HTML does not correspond to the expectations, it is not converted.
  • Shortcodes for popular plugins are converted through integrations.

If you are a developer, you will enjoy these features:

  • Conversion through WP CLI.
  • The conversion is PHP based, so filters and actions allow to customize the conversion.

What’s the current status?

The plugin is still in development, with the current release being version 0.2.

You are encourage to test the plugin, the please consult the documentation for details.

If you have feedback or a feature request, please use the contact form.

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