The Bulk Convert to Blocks plugin is still in its early development stages. Please do not use it on live websites, and make sure to backup the database before converting the content.

Table of Contents

Debug Settings

As the plugin is currently still in development, it runs in debug mode.

This means that during the conversion, the original post content is not overwritten with the converted post content. Instead the converted posts are stored as copies in a separate post type: Converted Content.

You can find the converted posts by viewing this post type in the admin:


Informations about the conversion are stored in a log file in the uploads directory: wp-content/uploads/bulk-convert-to-blocks/logs.

Converting using WP CLI

The plugin exposes a single WP CLI command: wp bctb convert <post-type>

If there are issues with the content, then they are output to the screen:

Converting using WP Admin

Content can also be converted using the Bulk Conversion screen in WP Admin.

This screen can be found under Tools > Bulk Convert to Blocks.

The post type to convert is selected using a dropdown. Only posts that have Gutenberg support (show_in_rest set to true) are available for conversion.

Once the conversion is launched, a progess indicator will show. The box at the bottom shows the logs of the conversion.

There’s no need to keep the admin screen open. The conversion will continue to run until it is finished.